16th International Online Olympiad in Mental Arithmetic MindSkills Global
For all ages and levels! October 22-23, 2022
For 4 years of work we:
15+ olympiads
25,000+ members
45+ countries

Train on the platform and participate in the Olympiad for free!
Olympiad in 30 minutes with any level
of training
Simple and clear rules
Results immediately online
Participant development dynamics BEFORE and AFTER the Olympiad
Certificates for all participants, diplomas for winners and gifts for the best teachers!
Program of the Olympiad:
3-21 oct 2022
3-21 oct 2022
Registration for the Olympiad and free training
22-23 oct 2022
22-23 oct 2022
24 oct 2022
24 oct 2022
Check results
25 oct 2022
25 oct 2022
Olympiad results
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